Corrigin Water Supply Upgrade

Corrigin Water Supply Upgrade

  • Corrigin, WA
  • 2015
  • Procurement, Water Supply, Hydraulics

Government Utility

The Water Corporation required replacement of a 3.2 km section of a 150 MSCL water main with a 315 HDPE pipe to improve the reliability of the local water supply. OTOC Australia undertook the installation largely using traditional open cut methods which was suited to the open farmland environment.

Some challenging ground conditions were encountered that required an adjustment to the installation methods; including a high water table and the presence of a salt lake on the alignment. The OTOC Australia plan ensured minimal disturbance of potentially acid sulfate soils and neutralised all material excavated below the water table. Procurement of specialist long lead high pressure fittings also presented challenges. OTOC Australia utilised well-honed strategic procurement processes to support site operations; ensuring costs were minimised and the project successfully delivered ahead of schedule.

The transparent two-way communication maintained during the project meant it was easy for both parties to adjust to changes in design and installation as ground conditions changed. The project was successfully delivered ahead of schedule and above client expectations.