Design and Construct

Fit for purpose, well-engineered and competently installed infrastructure will only be as good as the Design and Engineering supporting it. OTOC Australia has built its reputation by supplying its Clients and End Users with well-engineered buildings and other assets.

The range of applications requiring engineered solutions is such that OTOC Australia will draw input both through suitably qualified staff and subcontracted suppliers, as those circumstances dictate. Whether it is a road, a tennis court, a building, fibre-optic cabling or a solar photo-voltaic power station, our applied Civil Engineering will underpin the integrity of what is built.

From its former years to the present, the bulk of OTOC Australia's projects have been carried out in extreme weather zones. Often the extremes are conjoined, such as the cyclone and heat-extremes found in the Pilbara and Kimberley of Western Australia. Add the generally remote location of these projects and the need to “do it once and do it right” becomes a critical mantra. There is no room for less than a 100% effective outcome, every time. The need for self-provision of effective and contemporary Engineering solutions is paramount.

A design is only as effective as the people and equipment used to execute it. OTOC Australia resources its projects with fit-for-purpose equipment operated by competent operators using contemporary construction techniques.